Benefits of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning a large room. However, most vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky and are, therefore, a challenge to keep in rooms that have small spaces. The handheld vacuum cleaner is gaining in popularity because it is easy to handle it and can clean places that the other type of vacuum cleaner cannot reach. It is also great for cleaning wooden surfaces. This article explores the benefits of the handheld vacuum cleaners;

They are small

vacuum cleanerThe handheld vacuum cleaners are far much smaller in size as compared to the conventional vacuum cleaners; in fact, there are some that are too small and can, therefore, fit in the pocket of many individuals. The small size makes it easier to be moved from one point to another and makes it easy for storage. There are areas which are usually difficult to clean because of space, however, with a handheld vacuum cleaner, you will be able to get to these spots.


Another benefit of the handheld vacuum cleaners is that they are light in weight. They typically not weigh more than five pounds. While their weights differ depending on the models and manufacturers, they are typically light in weight. This makes them easily portable and is ideal for the on-the-spot vacuuming. It is also easy to carry them up and down the stairs without much risk of dropping it down. This type of vacuum cleaner is, therefore, ideal for the elderly users who do not have much strength to lift heavy objects.

Easy to operate

The handheld vacuum cleaners are easier to operate as compared to the other types of vacuum cleaners. You can easily teach your kids to clean using the handheld vacuum cleaners because of their compactness. It does not require an individual to have technical skills to operate it. It has the on and off button which can be switched on and off at the convenience of the cleaner. Since they are not too heavy, when they are dropped, not much damage is usually caused.

Quick cleanups

quick cleanups If you intended to do quick cleanups on your hardwood floor, then the handheld vacuum cleaner is the ideal gadget for you. There are instances when you may need to do the massive cleaning in specific areas of your home. If that is the case, then the handheld vacuum cleaners are the best for you. You can quickly get rid of the pet hair and dirt that are in areas that it is difficult to reach with the giant vacuum cleaners.